In the year 1987 I bought my first real kite (Kites I was flying during the 15 years before I don’t even count): 4 FLexifoil Stackers. Real fun to fly those 2 -line “powerkites”with a glassfiber spar in the leading edge. I loved their power and used them to get dragged the beach and fields. A Couple of years later the real powerkiting started;    A complete set of Peter Lynn C-Quads together with a self-builded kitebuggy which gave hours and hours of fun on the Dutch beaches. C-Quads were replaced by Foilkites (Libre/PKD/Ozone) and a Libre Hardcore Buggy. Together with my brother and a couple of friends we travelled a lot to ride the wind ! We went to Römö (Denmark) for a holiday and had a week fun on the huge beach.  We had a great time.

Powerkiting was fun but the distance to the beaches and the fact that I had become a husband and father were the reason I was looking for another challenge:  Fly smaller stuntkites in my neighborhood.

I bought a 2-line trickkite but I was not really impressed at that moment so I bought a second-hand Revolution 1 too.

On a local kitespot I met 3 people who clearly had much more experience with Revolution kites: Team Time Out.

I asked them everything I would like to know and full of exitement I watched them flying thier kites with amazing control. I wanted the same !!!!!

Hours and hours of practice, reading a lot of info on websites and watching tons of youtube-movies resulted in an improvement in controling my own Rev.

The plan was to join the team and after a lot of tips and tricks and instructions from Ruud and Linda de Haas and Alard van den Bos and more more more hours of practice I passed the entrance examination !!

As member of team Time Out I visited lots of nice events and festivals in the Netherlands and other country’s. Berck sur Mer (France) became the annual highlight and also Nieuwpoort and Oostende (Belgium) were real nice experiences. In 2008 we visited the 20th anniversary of Revolution Kites at the Bristol Kitefestival (UK) were we met lots of quadline-teams from Europe and the USA. We flew a 54-pilot Megateam under tough circumstances. We also visited nice festivals in Germany (Lünen, Trier, Wesel)

In Holland I visited lots of kitefestivals (Scheveningen, Rijsbergen, Drachten etc.)   The Rev-Clinic was brought back to life too and lots of enthousiastic pilots joined us on our local spot to share experiences and fun.  The adventure Team Time Out ended in october 2010 when the decision came to split up the team. Ruud and Linda went on as pair.

Together with Alard van den Bos we decided to go on too; we used our experience in the formation of a new team. Stephen Versteegh and Remco de Beijer agreed to join us in our new team so in januari 2011 Team AIR4CE was born !

We are constantly busy creating and training new ideas and routines en we would like to demonstrate this on various festivals.

In the meantime I also competed the last seasons in the Dutch National STACK Championship. In the multi-line individual class I became two times National Champion (2010 and 2011)

.As a National Champion 2010 I placed myself for the European Championships in Calais (France). Big surprise I ended on 4th place. Never before a Dutch National Champion finished this high. Só close to the podium….so I need more practice  😉

I am also interested in single-line kites (Big inflatables, delta’s and low/no-wind kites)

I love to share my knowledge and experience with other people!